Native Intelligence Messenger
Blockchain messenger with integrated smart - contracts and Artificial Intelligence services
About project
NIM (Native Intelligence Messenger) is a revolutionary messenger created for safe and effective communication with possibilities of using blockchain technology and AI-services integration
Gives access to highly-facilitated bots with multiple functions
Unites technologies for daily and work routine
Helps to analyze employees’ KPI based on task-tracker
Provides comfort and safety for social interaction employers and employees
NIM services
NIM services are capable for document workflow, AI integration in usual business routine, maintaining blockchain deals based on smart-contracts. Learn how NIM makes your life easier and more productive
Task tracking
allows users to track task completion and manage workflow with the help of messenger
provides comfortable and fast way of social interaction for users to increase communication efficiency and improve results
Digital deals
maintain secure and transparent digital funds transmission, increasing efficiency of business processes
maintains automatic data process, improves communication quality and optimizes business processes
provides secure way of interaction with cryptocurrency, simplifies managing and maintains digital funds security
NIM technologies allow users not only use existing AI services, but create selfmade AI-bots for solving personal unique tasks
API, JSON, proto
Converting meta-data of services into bot settings for already existing services
Using and creation of bots for selfmade AI services
NIM team
Met professionals standing behind NIM. We are ready to change world of communication
Vitalii Bakatov
Team lead
Nikita Murashkin
UI/UX Head Designer
Ilya Iskra
Head of Frontend - development
Elmir Iskhakov
Backend - developer
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